tom – ring road evolution

January 5, 2007


part of my analysis of the ring road highlighting its historical existence as a divider between inside and outside the pentagon. doina rightly pointed out during yesterdays tutorial that the ring road should also be read as a conecter as well as a separator.

further analysis will consider relationships physically either side of the road, the use of the road and how the pentagon has affected the development of the city. my project is currently considering the use of the road as a series of public nodes that bridge the gap created by the pentagon utilising both horizontal and vertical flows.

these nodes will then reinforce the identity of the city through the emphasis of the pentagon and as a diverse multicultural cosmopolitan city through their nature.


3 Responses to “tom – ring road evolution”

  1. joe Says:

    yeah, links to and from the pentagon would be a good diagram to do.

    as you say, spacial relationships either side of the road is the next step, from different sections through the pentagon as they exist today.

    pentagon as identity, huh. branding brussels?

  2. tom Says:

    What are you doing up at 5:43am?

  3. joe Says:

    if one gets up at 2pm, one’s bedtime is around 6am.

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