urban residual areas

January 9, 2007


This is a work in progress drawing of the residual urban areas I identified from my walks.  Currently I am in the process of analysing the different conditions of each typology to determine potential programmes and users for these sites.  

My current strategy is based on the concept of “urban set aside”.  I have proposed a scenario in which a subsidised land use condition is established to encourage temporary users to inhabit the residual areas of the city.  The “soft program” of temporary use is intended to offer a flexible\reversible planning tool to diversify mono-functional city zones and suggest new uses for the areas of the city currently in decay.  


One Response to “urban residual areas”

  1. tom Says:

    how exactly are you going to go about getting programs from your analysis?
    are they going to be something external or a direct product of the location or a mix of the two? or am i on the worng track.

    oh and could you get me a coffee?

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