First entry!

January 11, 2007


This diagram represents the various levels of political governance in Brussels, ranging from the very large (NATO) to the small (Brussels-regional parliament) but probably needs to go smaller. It begins to suggest the points within the diagram where there is most lobbying activity. It is at these points that I will place my project.

If anyone is interested there is a great video on the bbc website concerning the workings of the EU in Brussels, definitely worth watching as European citizens!


I wondered whether anyone went to the Venice Biennale in the summer? I didn’t but from what I hear and as I read more about Relational aesthetics it seems that the French Pavilion possibly exuded the qualities of ‘Relational architecture’. Here is a link to some articles about it…

what does anyone think? Hope everyone is going well.

Tom – sorry I know the image is large but it was unreadable at 740px. Hope it hasn’t used too much space!


One Response to “First entry!”

  1. joe Says:

    Great graphics for such a complex situation.
    Don’t forget Romania and Bulgaria (27 EU members now!)

    Also, the Commission is 27 representatives from the member states. The Council is the 27 state leaders +1 (the president of the Commission).

    I agree with your point about the interest bit being the lobbying. I like the bit in the video link where Mark Mardell is sitting in the café. That’s lobby(ing) space.

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