the beginings of site ananlysis

March 26, 2007


unfinished site analysis, drawing will be removed and replaced when drawing is finished but is up for feedback. my intension is to add users onto this drawing and explain the existing conditions. relationships between the users will then be mapped out on a different sheet and then additional users may be proposed.


One Response to “the beginings of site ananlysis”

  1. doina Says:

    Tom, what is missing is to formulate a strategy for this chosen site which is derived from the overall strategy for the ring. (I remember about productive parkings, energy cropping, biofuel plants etc…) What are you doing here as proposed programmes: growing energy crops, selling, leisure, etc?

    When you will start to work on conflictual relations on the site (as you suggest above)- I think that you have to define/design ‘spaces’ , ‘architectural elements’, ‘architectural programmes’ as objects for negociations. You might come out with a nb. of prototypes… ( a bit like Paul, the last year!)

    I think that you need a much more detailed site description, now that you have narrowed down… – through a nb sections on which you identify the conflicts / negociations …

    I would take time and put passion in drawing the existing into detail…. (after the pictures)

    An than to drawn on layers the different things that participate in conflicts : users, environmental issues, objects, etc… … It could be a thick and multilayered drawing…

    Than of course a model … maybe like a game board?, but still spatial- as a way of creating scenarios based on conflict…

    hope all this makes sense,

    keep me informed


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