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Studio 2 – 2006/2007

Bibliography « Relational Architecture »



Relational practices

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public works, if you can’t find us give us a ring, ARTicle Press / Ixia

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Disruption of Everyday Life’,

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Media Theory, Creative Labour, New Institutions

Socio-politics & architecture

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Theories of Space

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Critical Design & Technology & Urbanism

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Edited by Wiel Arets, Vedran Mimica, Roemer van Toorn and Marijke Beek

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Edited by GUST (Ghent Urban Studies Team)

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Oase 54. Re: Generic City

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Mapping & Diagraming & Datascaping

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New cartographies of networks and territories, University of Minesota Design Institute


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Contemporary Art

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Jessica Stockholder, Phaidon 1995

Alain Sekula, Performance Under Working Conditions, Generali Foundation Vienna

Documenta 11_Plateform 5 : Exhibition


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